Wind Powered Lantern Lights The Way

Most people would call designer Tom Lawton crazy. You see, as a child, Tom wanted to see the wind, which we all know is invisamable. That is, until now. Our pal Tom has created the Firewinder Mini, a wind powered lantern that becomes illuminated as long as 3MPH or stronger winds are gusting. Designed with the outdoors in mind, the Firewinder Mini uses 20 LEDs and can last up to five years before it kicks the bucket.

Oh, and for all you nature freaks, it’s recyclable, meaning you’ll do some good by using this to illuminate your deck instead of burning, say, a pile of leaves in your backyard. Look for the Firewinder Mini in stores and online sometime before Q4 of this year. It should set you back around $170.

Light my Firewinder – A Wind Powered Lantern [Treehugger]