Exclusive: Podango Juices Podcast Network With Software From GigaVox Media

picture-87.pngPodcast network and hosting service Podango is beefing up its service with the purchase of podcast publishing software from GigaVox Media. The content-management system, called GigaVox Audio Lite, allows podcasters to automagically manage the different parts that make up an audio or video podcast, including ads, intros, promotions, and other program material.

Podango, which is based in Bountiful, Utah, hosts 1,300 podcasters across 250 different stations, including Mommycast, Duct Tape Marketing, and the Apple Phone Show (which Podango produces itself). Later this week, it will launch Girls Gone Geek, which CEO Lee Gibbons describes as a “cross between the View and Motorcycle Maintenance.” Something tells me it’s going to do okay. All told, says Gibbons, Podango-hosted shows are downloaded two million times per month, which is up from a mere 20,000 downloads six months ago. He is shooting for 10 million downloads a month by next March. And you thought podcasts were dead.

GigaVox Podcast Management System