Who Else Got Burned By An 'End Of Summer' Promise?


Long Zheng of istartedsomething.com is mad. So am I, although not quite about the same thing. Zheng is brassed off that the Windows Ultimate team hasn’t delivered DreamScene (basically, the ability to use a video file as your desktop background) and 20 language packs by the end of summer like it promised.

I’m mad about the whole "end of summer" thing in general. Consumers hear in April or May that something’s coming out by the end of summer and we think "oh great, end of August at the latest" while those who make the announcements sleep easy knowing that technically they have until 3/4 of the way through September (if they decide to release the product at all).

Howsabout a firm date from now on or at least a range of dates, preferably less than a month? Summer’s over and I have no Slacker Portable, no Palm Foleo (never will have one), and poor Long Zheng is missing some of his Windows Ultimate Extras.

Readers, a question. Have you been waiting for something to come out at a certain date that either never came out or got delayed so far past the promised launch date that you gave up altogether? What is/was the product?

The Ultimate con [istartedsomething.com]