MyQuire Wants Your Collaborative Workplace Business

myquire.pngMyQuire will officially launch their online tool for doing projects at DEMO today. MyQuiore allows users work with “tools they already know,” keep their projects on track, meet with other project members in real time conferences, and connect their projects with their networks.

MyQuires pitch is that instead of forcing people to change their behavior, “MyQuire’s intuitive design and simplified feature set let people work how they want to work.” Users “can spend more of their time achieving their goals and less of it tracking down who’s done what, hunting for the latest version of a document, or finding ways to share files that are too large for email.”

The company has managed a product endorsement from the DEMO organizers; Chris Shipley, executive producer of DEMO said

“I invited MyQuire to launch at DEMO because I’m excited about the breadth of people who could benefit from its technology. MyQuire has a pain killer that will work for everyone: business people, non-profit organizations, MBA students, and more informal groups. It’s a fresh approach to a problem we’ve all lived with for a long time, and I’m delighted to have MyQuire showcasing it at DEMO.”

It’s good to see DEMO participants get personal endorsements on press releases as well for their $18,000 fee time appearing at the conference.

Another busy vertical, but overall it looks like a good product.