How To Lose All Your Friends Immediately, In Real Time

Don’t even think of using this to contact me. Trumpia is an absurdly stupid new site that, like the efficient crank calling tool we once covered, will likely be used to annoy people far more often than it will be used for any useful purpose.

Here’s how it works: Register for an account and tell it the contact information for your soon-to-be-ex friends. Make sure you enter their instant messaging, cell phone and email contact information for maximum impact. You can then group your friends and message them all at once by texting a message to Trumpia. Your friends receive the message on all of their communication devices at the same (email, SMS, IM), ensuring that there is no way in the world that they can plausibly claim to have missed it. The video below shows how it works.

The idea is that a friend may miss an email or instant message, but they sure as hell won’t miss it if you hammer them at every single point of contact that they have. The act of contacting friends via Trumpia is aptly called “blasting”:

Blast people on their mobile phones, instant messaging and emails at the same time so you can contact everyone in real time no matter where they are, no matter what they are doing…Once you are signed up for Trumpia you can start blasting your friends right away, even if they haven’t signed up.

The only way to make the madness stop is to sign up for the service and tell it not to contact you any more. Remind anyone of Plaxo in the old days?

Contrast this with GrandCentral, which is a much more reasonable way for people so solve the problem of too many points of contact. Grand Central is elegant and useful. Trumpia is just stupid and I pray that PR people never hear about it.