Good Morning, Starshine: The Best Spam Comment Today


Our site gets a few hundred comments per day and the overwhelming majority are spam. Well, I just spotted a charming “recommendation” from a spammer inducing us to share our hot business ideas. Go ahead through the list and see which one doesn’t quite fit.

Hey, I was wondering if anyone here has a habit of coming up with cool business ideas out of nowhere, but never got around to attempting them.
Here are mine:
consumer generated power
household recycling plants
innovative ringtones (like fart ringtones for young people)
retail approach to recycling
carbon offsets by sms

share yours if you don’t mind revealing your genius.

“Innovative ringtones,” eh? Now we follow the spammer’s link to a forum site and then follow THAT link to some sort of google cache page and lo and behold we find a site selling fart ringtones for $9.99 a month. I was hoping to reach his “household recycling page,” but fart ringtones are clearly the real moneymakers here. Looks like we’ve got another word to add to the spam filter.