Be Careful Who You Text Message


Go ahead and buy drugs. It’s my job to report the news, not to be the moral police.

However, I must highly recommend taking the time to consider what you text to your friends and/or dealers. See, a UK man sent a text message to what he thought was his pal’s phone number. Turns out, the phone number had been switched over to a State Policeman’s account. The officer received a text from 19-year-old Joshua Wayne Cadle, asking if he “wanted to buy some reefer”.

The officer, in fact, did not want to purchase the aforementioned “reefer” and promptly did some detective work and tracked down the teenager. No word yet on what charges he faces, but you can be sure he’ll take into careful consideration who he texts for drugs next time around.

Drug deal text sent to police by mistake [Textually]