AOL Quietly Cans Weblogs Inc Life Sciences Blogs

AOL quietly canceled the Life Sciences blogs of Weblogs Inc last week, bringing the total number of blogs canceled to 60% higher than the number of blogs still operating.

Blogs canceled included the Weblogs Inc titles The Cancer Blog, The Diabetes Blog and The Cardio Blog.

No official statement was made by AOL/ Weblogs Inc regarding the decision, and unlike previous cancellations the blogs have not be added to the Retired Blogs list.

The total number of retired blogs at Weblogs Inc now totals 55 (including the 3 not on the official list) with 33 blogs still remaining, although 7 in the 33 are translated versions of Engadget and Autoblog. The count does not include the Blogging Stocks sites that operate under the AOL banner but use the created-for-Weblogs Inc CMS Blogsmith.

(thanks to Hsien for the tip)