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DualShock Confirmed At The Tokyo Game Show: Yay (?)


Way to go Sony!! Blazing the trail to 5 years ago…

Can’t imagine why they’re in 3rd place…


Numark’s iDJ2 iPod DJ System Almost Here, So Here’s Some Pics


Wow, looks like some droolworthy fetish item for Christmas! Hint, hint!
Has anyone come up with a way of hacking the iPod and using the click wheel to handle pitch control or even scratching? Even if there is a dodgy solution I could buy a couple of iPods for the price of the Numark and have enough left to buy a DJ outfit to complete the look.

8GB UK iPhone Released November 9: No 3G, Free Wi-Fi, Pints for All, Win an iPhone

christian gehrke

I live in Ireland and it looks like Ireland won’t even be getting the iphone in this decade. What really sucks is that I am American and have only been here 3 years because my wife wanted to move home for a “little while”.

To top it off I left Hawaii to move here of all places. WTF what I thinking?

If anyone deserves this sucker it’s me mate. Come on and hook a brother up PLEASE.