Microsoft Turns Tafiti into a Halo 3 Ad; Too Bad Few Will See It

Exactly a month ago we reported on Microsoft’s new experimental, Silverlight-based search site named Tafiti.

Our verdict then: it’s visually attractive but not functional enough to make many people use it on a daily basis.

Well, Microsoft hasn’t been doing much to change that opinion. But they have been making it even prettier (if you consider well-rendered Master Chiefs pretty).

The company has launched a Halo 3 themed version of Tafiti for next week’s release of that highly-anticipated game. You can still access the original theme, but Halo 3 will be the default theme for the meantime.

Aside from further showcasing Silverlight’s visual capabilities, the theme also allows users to search within Halo-related sites using a “Live Search Macro”.

If you’re getting excited about these Halo 3 “enhancements” to Tafiti, you’ll probably be interested in CrunchGear’s recent Halo 3 coverage (how’s that for an ad?).