MacBook Rumors: We Told You So!

We really hate when we have to utter the phrase, ‘we told you so’, but it’s times like these that make it justifiable. 9to5Mac has some insider scoops about the impending MacBook redesign, which we first told you about months ago. Some of what they know falls inline with what we know, such as: slimmed down MacBooks that are a tad skinnier than the MBP, ‘something strange about the touchpad’ basically means we’ll be seeing some iPhone-like finger gesturing and I guess that’s about it as far as similarities go. What’s new is that there might be a black and silver aluminum case and a smaller form factor as the screens are supposedly going to reach out to the edge. The keyboards on the new MB will be very similar to the new wireless keyboards. My new obsession is said to be ‘priced extremely aggressively’ whatever that means. *drool*

Slim Aluminum MacBooks Coming Soon from Apple [9to5Mac]