Gets $6 Million To Help With Your Parents' Elder Years, a website community about elderly care, just announced a $6 million Series A round of financing from DCM and Split Rock Partners. It’s yet another one of the subject-specific knowledge communities to pop up over the last year.

caringmini.pngThe site, as you can guess, is about caring for your parents in their “Golden Years”. It provides articles about dealing with your parent’s healthcare, financial, legal, housing, and life issues written by professionals or other users. It seems like a more smartly age-related service than Eons social network for the over 50.

Details on the site are sparse, as the site is only now opening its beta. However, it will likely have the usual forum features and social networking profiles.

The team shouldn’t have too much trouble setting up the site since the founders, Jim Scott and Steve Fram spent eight years at BabyCenter, another community site targeting raising children. Sites like seem to have a simple formula, find an underserved vertical, put up a community driven content management system, get some editors, and own the Google search results. Most of these sites are taking on specific verticals, but Wikia is spreading horizontally, using mediawiki as the CMS.