Rite In The Rain Is Not A UB40 Song

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If you tend to be more of an outdoorsy type, it’s safe to guess that perhaps you enjoy going camping every once in awhile. Sometimes though, you get caught in a torrential downpour and that’s just no fun. So when you’re holed up inside your tent, be sure to write down all those crafty folk songs on Rite in the Rain, a waterproof notebook designed for writing notes down in all weather conditions. This way, your masterpiece “Cowfisher Blues” won’t get damaged when you have to go take a leak.

You can use either a pencil or an all-weather pen to write during a rainstorm and nothing will get wet. All water that hits Rite in the Rain falls right off like magic. Good for you, bad for rain. Score one of the 3×5 notepads for only $3.25 a pop!

Official Site [via WeatherSnob]

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