NBC Direct: Download TV Shows To Your Windows PC And Watch The Files Expire Soon Afterward


NBC hates Mac users. That’s pretty much the only conclusion you can draw after reading up on NBC’s new download service. NBC Direct will let users—pardon, Windows users—download popular shows like “Heroes” and Leno immediately after they air. The shows remain available for a week and have built-in, unable-to-be-skipped commercials. Oh, and the file self-destructs after seven days.

You know NBC, I graduate in May. If you need somebody to help draw up a plan that doesn’t totally screw your customers, give me a holler.

To be fair, NBC has said that it will launch a download-to-own service sometime next year, along with a Mac-comptible client. Why you would replace iTunes, which worked perfectly fine for everyone (less Linux), with a service that, at least initially, only works on Windows PCs is beyond me. Oh, wait—I’m getting word… yes. OK, money was the motivation. Surprising.

TPB, anyone?

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