DiscPainter: You Know, For Painting Discs


Printing on CDs and DVDs can be an arduous task and it usually ends up looking terrible. Correct me if I’m wrong. The software tends to be shoddy and it takes forever to do. Dymo’s DiscPainter CD/DVD printer makes the ordeal fun and easy. You see, it spins from the inside out at about 600 DPI a minute. The demo was impressive and even when prints were set at 600 DPI a minute the quality didn’t really diminish as opposed to printing at 1200 DPI in about three minutes. The DiscPainter hits retailers in October for $279 and that includes a USB 2.0 cable, AC power supply, three inkjet printable discs, and a full-color ink cartridge, which spins out about 100 discs.