Cotopia 2.0 Beta Testing

cotopia.jpgWhile every couple of years there is fresh competition in the electronic entertainment space in the living room, the real sleeping giant with video games is mobile handsets. Unlike even the Nintendo or Sony platforms, cellular phones, PDAs and other devices are purchased by people who aren’t otherwise “gamers.” Gaming is also one of the leading revenue streams for mobile developers.

At MobileCrunch we take the business of gaming seriously, hence our newly launched weekly MobileCrunchArcade round-up. But this week we’re getting word that Cotopia has launched its 2.0 version and is currently seeking beta testers. So rather than wait until next week to post, we’re bringing this news today.

What makes Cotopia interesting is that it is offering the kinds of games that those aforementioned non-gamers might most enjoy. Titles such as Chess, Reversi, Connect 4 and others. But the really interesting part is that Cotopia offers a free multiplayer experience, so you get in a quick game with a friend across the room or across the country. Considering that mobile handsets have that built in connectivity these functionality seems to be a no-brainer, yet many developers are only slowly testing the waters.

Look for more Cotopia news on MobileCrunchArcade. We’re likely going to be hearing a lot from them.