Hasselblad H3D II: 39-megapixel, GPS-enabled DSLR


Hasselblad is updating their 39-megapixel DSLR with a handful of improvements that may justify its ridiculously high price tag. Well, not really, but it does have some kickass new features that will have any photog drooling. A 3-inch display is a great start and integrated GPS for automatic geotagging are welcome additions for serious photographers are always on the move. A 48x36mm CCD image sensor is nothing to scoff at, either, since it’s the largest currently available. Pictures taken with the Hasselblad are surely going to be crisp, clear and sans any noise. That’s all well and good, but are you ready to pay $37k for it? I didn’t think so. There’s also a 31-megapixel going for $30k and a 22-megapixel for only $25k. That’s not so bad, is it?

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