Dearest Little Asstunnels: The MediaDefender Take-Down Reactions


Ars is reporting on responses by Meganova and other torrent sites to MediaDefender, the company that poisons P2P for “big media” in the U.S of A. While we don’t condone downloading private email, it is funny to watch the world’s premiere content protection group get hit in this way. The sooner companies work with these haxor punks the better, because things can only go down from here for MediaDefender and their ilk.

What did CEO Saaf have to say?

“I am the CEO of MediaDefender,” the message says. “We have begun our civil and criminal investigations into the stolen e-mails from our company. We are meeting with the FBI on monday. Your IP address has been logged. I hope it was worth the thrill.”

Dude. Your stuff got stoled. Man up and work around it. How are you ever going to convince naive media folks that you’ll defend their media when you can’t defend your own?

P2P sites ridicule MediaDefender takedown notices in wake of e-mail leak [Ars]