8GB UK iPhone Released November 9: No 3G, Free Wi-Fi, Pints for All, Win an iPhone

Click through this story to see the goods. Steve is apparently on the ground and TC writer Mike Butcher is ready. Mike is in line and ready to roll. They’re fussing about Wi-Fi at the Apple Store so it looks like we’re using SMS and Twitter to get the job done.

In honor of our friends over the pond, I’d like to offer one free 8GB iPhone — already unlocked by our own team here in New York — to a random commenter on this thread. To enter simply comment in this thread and enter your real email address (it won’t appear on the site anywhere). Tell us how bummed you are that Europe isn’t getting a 16GB 3G iPhone with automatic translator and a crisps packet. We’ll close entries at midnight EDT tonight and pick one winner at random — hopefully someone in the UK or Europe who can take advantage of the weak dollar and can get themselves a nice new, unlocked iPhone. Chip chip cheerio and all that. If your comment doesn’t appear immediately, wait a few minutes. Our caching system sometimes gets a little screwy. Just don’t enter more than two times in a row and you’ll be fine.

UPDATE – As you see I’ve abandoned the live-blogging platform tonight. Looks like our updates are coming a bit more slowly. Just read this thread for full info.

10:06 am – Have just kicked up almighty storm with apple about wifi. May have to live twitter this for my US editors.

10:14 am – Tight small crowd.

10:23 am – Mike has just gone off air but Engadget is reporting that Apple is selling the iPhone in the UK under O2 for 269 English pounds or about $542 US. No 3G as we had predicted and unlimited EDGE data plans will be available. Engadget.

10:27 am – carphone warehouse sales points. confirmed. Wifi deal with The Cloud for free WiFi roaming. 8GB version for 269 quid.

10:34 am – Wireless ITMS also available next month in UK.