Google Presents Presently At TechCrunch40

On stage is Google for the formal presentation of Google Presently. See our previous summary here.

New name, Google Docs.

Demo includes pics of Michael Arrington, nice touch.


The sharing features of Presently being emphasized, includes group chat.

Questions: Michael asks what Google’s take is on Yahoo’s acquisition of Zimbra. A: compeitition is important and great for everyone.

Q: offline version A: users want it, no announcements yet.

Q: how is Google going to address data security A: we are all concerned about security, Google is aware of the issue, ultimately though, users should have a great password.


Q: still clunky compared to excel A: was not designed for power user, design to be easy to use and quick

Q: limitations A: 10mb per presentation.

Q: backup for the apps? if docs are lost, what to do A: no one yet has lost docs, not even one case. Google makes copies of all data, redundant systems