Exclusive: ProfileBuilder Acquires ZingFu.com

profile-builder.jpgUpdate: This deal fell through. ZingFu was never acquired.

Online identity management platform company ProfileBuilder has acquired ZingFu.com, a social-networking resource site with 600,000 registered members.

Milwaukee based ZingFu.com provides “zany content,” with products including Zing, a photo manipulation tool, Pets, a “tomgatchi style toy,” and Zany Cards, pretty much as the title suggests.

ZingFu.com has released an exclusive TechCrunch 40 zany card section to celebrate the acquisition; see pic below.

The integration of the two sites will provide ZingFu’s users “with a platform to further enhance their online presence.”

ProfileBuilder has also entered a partnership with with Mebeam.com, a Sydney Australia based startup that provides online video conferencing.

Under the deal ProfileBuilder and Mebeam will exchange resources to build co-delivered sites, with ProfileBuilder users being offered extensive video conferencing tools.

The terms of the ZingFu.com acquisition were not disclosed.

ProfileBuilder is a sponsor of the TechCrunch40 conference.