Creative Announces Nirvana For Your Senses


When I think of Creative, I don’t necessarily think of super high-quality audio equipment, but stranger things have happened. The Aurvana (what a terrible name) X-Fi noise canceling ‘phones are the first in the world to be equipped with X-Fi (Xtreme Fidelity) technology that enhances audio playback by intelligently and selectively restoring highs and lows lost during compression. Creative’s X-Fi CMSS 3D delivers virtual surround sound, which is said to make a movies sound like they’re coming from a home theater system and not between your ears. The noise cancellation portion will reduce 90 percent of ambient noise. Uh huh. The Aurvana runs off two AAA batteries for up to nine hours, but they also work without batteries, which is definitely a nice feature. They launch in Singapore next month for $299.99.

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