Take Your Desktop On The Go With Ceedo

So let’s say having access to your documents and applications all the time is vital to your work. Carrying a laptop gets annoying and saving individual Word files won’t cut it. Ceedo offers an easy way to carry your apps and docs and use them on any computer with a USB port, best of all no traces of your work are left on the host computer. Which is a good way to hide that “romance” novel you’ve been working on. The software is a reasonable $30 and installs on anything with storage accessible via USB that includes flash drives, cellphones, MP3 players, and portable HDDs.

The Ceedo Programs Directory offers apps which are ready for use with your Ceedo enabled drive. However, if you fail to find that specific version of minesweeper the optional Argo add-on ($30) will install anything you want.

It’s Windows only BTW. For now anyway.