Nokia buys mobile ads player Enpocket

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enpocket-logo.jpgLongtime player in the UK mobile scene Enpocket is to be aquired by Finnish mobile phone giant Nokia.

Boston-based Enpocket provides technology and services centered on mobile advertising. Enpocket’s platform delivers mobile advertising across multiple formats including SMS, MMS, mobile Internet advertising, and video.

Nokia plans to used the deal to accelerate its mobile advertising business by leveraging Enpocket’s platform and strong partnerships with advertisers, publishers and operators. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Nokia first went into the mobile advertising space in March with two products: Nokia Ad Service and Nokia Advertising Connector.

See TechCrunch  US for more.

  • John

    Re: Nokia buys mobile ads player Enpocket

    I’d never trust a company prepared to run promotions by shoving them in my face, so here’s the offer I made to Nokia.

    I’ll be pleased to review any unsolicited advertising Nokia send and act on it as I see fit

    My charge for this is £100 per item.

    Multiple sendings count as multiple items

    By sending unsolicited advertising Nokia and its affiliates will be deemed to unconditionally and irrevocably accept this offer and a contract shall exist between us (offer and acceptance).

    Payment is requested within 30 days of invoice.

    All costs pursuing non-payment will be to Nokia’s account.

    If Nokia don’t want to accept these charges, its simple: Don’t send to my number.

    Don’t you just LOVE junk mail!!

  • asi dizisi


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