Mobile Dating Revenue on the Rise

juniper1.jpgJuniper Research, a company that assesses the current and future status of mobile user-generated content, predicts that revenue from mobile dating and chat room services are expected to surpass $1 billion worldwide by 2010. As the world population increases, it looks as though people are being choosier with whom they date. Mobile phones are a perfect platform for dating services. If a match is looking good, a call is only a few keys away.

Around 40 million people use mobile and chat room dating services in 2007. This number is expected to increase to 260 million by 2012. Much of this future increase is predicted to come from emerging markets, like that of India. 60 million sub-continent daters are expected to look for hook-ups by 2012.

Those of us without a match are willing to pay a mobility premium for services such as and Webdate. The human drive to find a companion will fuel the future of mobile dating. While it may be hard to break into the online dating service business, new companies that create cross-platform services may find a lucrative niche.

There are limits to how much someone is willing to pay for mobile dating services. The Juniper Report warns that excessive and confusing data pricing, especially pricing attached to prepaid customers, continue to act as a disincentive for regular usage and more widespread adoption. Mobile phone dating services aren’t the only way to find that perfect match. Mom may know somebody who is available, no fees required.

In the year 2007, Japan and India are the largest mobile dating markets. It is predicted that India will increase even more as mobile phones become more available to people. In this market people aren’t just looking for a date, but are looking for marriage. If mobile dating in India leads to matrimony such services are sure to explode in popularity.

It is difficult to predict how mobile dating services will fare in developed places like Europe and North America, with China quickly becoming a more mobile place. But as long as people continue to search for soul mates, mobile dating services will remain a good resource in the quest.

Juniper Report