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TechCrunch UK is backing a pitch-style event for startups in October called Mashup Demo. Mashup is a regular event in London looking at digital business, but this is their first ‘demo’ style event.

It’ll be on the afternoon and evening of 2 October in London, presenting 15 companies who will each get a 5 minute slot. It costs £35 to attend, and £350 to be a demo company, but this mashup event is “not for profit’ so twist their arm if you think that’s too much and you have a great idea you want to present. See you there.

  • Ivan Pope

    That’s a bit weird because it says ‘In partnership with blognation’. But I guess everyone can just get along now, right? Anyway, do I care, I’m pitching and I love it. Better than Techcrunch 40!

  • Mike Butcher

    Yes, let’s all join hands…

  • Ivan Pope


  • asi dizisi


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