Comcast Acquires BuddyTV

buddytv.jpgAn unconfirmed report has BuddyTV being acquired by Comcast. We’ve got requests for confirmation in with BuddyTV and are waiting for a response.

Seattle based BuddyTV is a television focused content network with a team of dedicated entertainment writers producing content that is complemented by users. The company took $2.8 million from Gemstar-TV Guide in July. Comcast previously acquired Fandango, an online movie ticket selling company that also ran a entertainment guide called Fancast.

If confirmed, it’s an interesting buy that fits more in the blogging acquisition space, placing the deal alongside the acquisitions of Weblogs Inc and more recently TreeHugger. Certainly BuddyTV’s mix of paid writers/ bloggers and user contributions highlights the value of content in a market where service/ product acquisitions usually get most of the press.

More if and when we are able to confirm the deal.

(via PC)