Mixx To Take A New Look At Social News

I generally don’t get that excited when I hear about yet another Digg-like social news site coming on the scene, but Virginia-based Mixx may be different. Part of the reason is the founding team, which has deep Internet and news experience.

The company is led by CEO Chris McGill, formerly the General Manager of Yahoo News and more recently the VP Strategy at USA Today. The site describes itself at its core as taking the best features of Digg, LinkedIn and My Yahoo. Look for a private beta launch soon, sign up now on the landing page.

The company is almost certainly funded but won’t yet disclose any details.

We have a few conceptual screen shots, below. It’s hard to understand these without a little bit of context, but my interest is piqued. Top screen shot is the unauthenticated home page. Second is the home page when signed in. Third is “groups” view. More on Mixx soon.