IdeaFestival 2007: Day 1


Good day, everyone and welcome to IdeaFestival 2007. I’m here in Louisville at the Kentucky International Convention Center. Coverage is going to be fairly light today as the heavy hitters are coming tomorrow and Saturday. Craig Nevill-Manning, founder of Google’s first remote engineering center, located in midtown Manhattan, and inventer of Froogle is going to talk about the world of Google, which I’m excited for since I find the culture of the company so fascinating. Co-founder of the Webby Awards Tiffany Shlain will be on hand. Where’s our Webby? Co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak will hopefully be rolling in on his Segway. Michio Kaku from City University of New York will be talking about time warps, parallel worlds, higher dimensions and some other freaky stuff. And the great Ray Bradbury will be ‘beamed down’ via Teleportec’s interactive technology that allows people to appear ‘live’ in a holographic state. Learn more about IdeaFest here if it tickles your fancy. In the meantime check out a couple pics from the first day.



Here’s Geek Squad’s mini precinct at KICC.


Geek Squad agents put on a demo of how to turn your e-waste into e-jewelry. Here a lovely model is showing off her CPU broach and Mobo earrings.