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The Future of Web Apps conference arguably helped kick-start the low-hum of Web 2.0 development in the UK into a higher gear early last year. This year’s event on October 3-5 should prove to be at least as interesting.

Would you like to go? I have one ticket (a 2 day conference pass worth £245 + VAT) to give away to a lucky TCUK reader. All you have to do is leave a comment below this post. Anything will do, so long as you leave an email contact. Perhaps you’d like to mention your web app, even? The lucky winner will get randomly picked (judge’s decision is final etc etc). This comp close on midnight 21 September.

The ever upbeat Ryan Carson of the FOWA’s Carson Systems (who now do more events than they do web apps) is currently on a slightly crazy tour – dubbed the FOWA Road Trip – of the UK, Ireland and Europe to drum up interest in the event, and generally stoke up the developer community. Check out the road trip site for pictures and videos he is taking along the way.

  • http://voicesage.blogspot.com Paul Sweeney

    Oh yes. Me please. Oh, and if anyone wants to be a beta tester of a click to call service for facebook let me know!

  • http://scouta.com Graeme Sutherland

    Hi Mike,
    Oh, yes please! The startup budget doesn’t quite extend to these events yet.

  • http://www.ginsoaked.com/blog Alan Wallace

    Hi Mike,

    Love one thanks! Nice to see Techcrunch Uk back.

  • http://www.thatcanadiangirl.co.uk Vero Pepperrell

    (Already sorted with tickets, so don’t pick me)

    Looking forward to seeing you there! I think the Diggnation live filming in the evening, followed by the party should be a good laugh!

  • http://Www.watzatsong.com Raphael

    Hi Mike,

    Would love to be there. My Website is WatZatSong.com (http://www.watzatsong.com) and is a community to help you name the tunes you have stuck in your head, and it’s effective!

    Good luck again to TCUK.


  • http://fabien.schwob.org Fabien

    A good conf in europe, I would really like to win this place.

  • Johan

    Would love to go. I really believe London/UK (as the web capital of Europe) can make up grounds on Bay Area/US when it comes to web applications, successful start-ups and shrewd M&A activity. We have the talent and infrastructure so let’s showcase it and put ourselves on that map. Initiatives like Seedcamp and TechChrunch UK have been a great step in the right direction. This event will continue that momentum.

  • http://kinooga.com Jeffrey Taylor

    Would be a great place to start some conversations about our coming user-financed film site Kinooga (demo site at http://Kinooga.com)

  • http://londonbikers.com Jay Adair

    Cool idea Mike, I’d love to go.

    We’re putting together something to garner interest from investers so we can develop our platform quickly and launch a new service. I’ve sent MA information on this already at his request, I hope it gets to you.

  • http://terraminds.com/twitter/ Chris Laux

    Yes, please! :)

    I’ve created a twitter search engine (see here: http://terraminds.com/twitter/ ) and am working on more web-2.0-ish search apps.

  • http://www.katemonkey.co.uk/ Kate Bolin

    I have nothing but a vague desire to enter contests.

  • http://www.mister-wong.com Fabian Posada

    Hi Mike,

    I would love to win an entry. As you know we are Germany´s largest social bookmarking site and have just launched an international version http://www.mister-wong.com so we could use the international exposure.

    Good luck to all the participants

  • Grant

    Yeah great compo guys.!!!

  • http://www.isotoma.com/ Andy Theyers

    Hey Mike

    Of course I’d love the ticket :) Good to see you back!

  • http://www.j0n.org Jon Wheatley

    *posts a comment*

  • Alejandro Barrera

    Great news! Glad TechCrunch UK is back again! Keep the good work. Oh and btw, the FOWA roadtrip should stop by Madrid, not just Barcelona :((

    PS: I hope the luck is on my side!! ;)

  • http://www.critir.com Paul J

    Hi Mike – count me in.

  • John Slater

    Yes please. My site is http://www.feedmailer.net. New version coming soon with more zest.

    Email is: slater.john [at] gmail [full-stop] com

    I missed the freakin’ student tickets, should have checked more often.

  • http://meecard.com Andy Mitchell

    I don’t want one (working the expo floor), but I heartily support this determined lad from Thailand’s bid to reach FOWA… http://helpmetogotofowa.wordpress.com/

  • http://www.thestage.co.uk/ Scott Matthewman

    No web app as such to announce publicly (yet…) but still interested in the ticket.

  • http://www.newfolder.co.uk Billy F

    Hi Mike, include me in the draw please!

  • Deepesh


    Good to see TCUK back on tracks and providing news related to UK

  • http://thejaronline.com Adrian

    pick me pick me!

  • http://www.shwons.com Cai Gwinnutt

    I’d like to go, please!

  • http://metropix.typepad.com Max Christian

    Yes please! Here’s our web app: http://metropix.typepad.com

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