Sony Reveals Four New Blu-ray Recorders


I’m not sure what the demand for Blu-ray recorders is like these days, but Sony went ahead and introduced four recorders today in Japan. The BDZ-X90 has a 500GB HDD, two digital TV tuners, two analog TV tuners, a gold plated HDMI output of 1080p and p24, and it can burn dual layer BD-R and RE discs. The BDZ-L70 is also capable of the aforementioned features, but only has a 320GB HDD and only puts out 1080p24. The BDZ-T70 lacks the gold plated HDMI connection, but still puts out 1080p24 with a 320GB HDD. And bringing up the rear is the BDZ-T50 that includes a 250GB HDD, two analog TV tuners and puts out 1080p24. All four launch in Japan in November for $1, 750, $1,575, $1,400 and $1,225 respectively.

4 new Blu-Ray video recorders from SONY [Akihabara News]