Update: HTC Juno Details Emerge


Sometimes our insiders give us incorrect information and it’s an unfortunate thing because we have to dispose of them. We weren’t completely wrong about the Juno, though. We did break the story on its existence. It will in fact have a QWERTY keyboard and run on Windows Mobile with HTC’s TouchFlo. Our informant was wrong about carrier as the Juno will be a T-mo exclusive that’s due out in the latter half of October.

Update: We decided to let our informant live long enough to tell us that the Juno will hit T-Mo, but not until early next year. AT&T will have first dibs as he/she/it first mentioned. Everything else remains the same. That is all. Oh, and he/she/it is just fine. I bought he/she/it some ice cream.

HTC Juno? Yes! [BGR]