Google Street View Could Be Illegal In Canada, Would Have To Be Changed

Yup, this is the “hat corner”

Who here hasn’t used Google Street View to point out famous-in-their-lives landmarks? For example, when it first came out, I used it to show John where Vince lost his hat (read: threw up on it) after a night of silliness. It turns out Canada—yes, in this case we can blame Canada—doesn’t want me to do that anymore. Or, more broadly, it wants to ban Google Street View. Canadian officials believe that Street View could be a violation of the country’s privacy laws and, accordingly, would have to be altered before the launch of any Google Street View: Mountie Edition. Those socialized medicine having Canadians would have to consent to having their picture taken before any “live” shots could be used online by Google.

So go ahead Canada, live in your perfect little welfare state, freeloading off the security that the U.S. provides. Just don’t expect to point out to your friends pictures of the local “hot spot” or where you got Bret Hart’s autograph.

Google map may break Canada privacy law [Reuters via Drudge]