Tron Sequel Officialized!


If you’re even remotely alive and over the age of 25, you’ve probably seen and loved Tron. The film has a crappy plot on the surface: a nerdy computer programmer gets sucked into the computer system he’s coding for. The thing is, it’s not science fiction, it’s fantasy. The story is an old one: a god-like being (a “User”) finds himself living among those that serve him (the “Programs”), and a classic battle of good versus evil for the fate of the land is in the hands of the misplaced hero. That is why, despite the silly set-up, Tron works.

And now word’s out that the long-awaited sequel is officially in pre-production. Not only that, it’s being penned but a pair of writers fresh off the show LOST, meaning it’s not going to be some pulpy eye-candy. Not to say it won’t look amazing; effects have come a very long way in twenty years, and the idea of using modern 3D rendering to make things look retro-Tron sounds fan-freakin’-tastic.

Not only that, but with the spread of the World Wide Web since the first film, the landscape to write upon is far, far larger. The idea of viruses, trojans, adware, and even spam could come into play, though we think our boys will opt away from the easy pickings and layout a far more meaty story.

It’s too early for release dates and so forth, let alone plot points or casting, but we’d be surprised it we don’t see it Xmas of 2008, which is all we want in our stockings, thank you very much. I mean, how much did you love Tron?

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