OMFG: Free iPhone Unlock is Here

It looks like our contest may be moot, friends. It looks like a number of the usual suspects — except GeoHot and some shady Russians — have cracked the iPhone wide open. The software is mirrored here and it’s just a zipfile that contains a command line app that looks to be compiled for the iPhone. I tried to run it from the command line in OS X and it wouldn’t take. Let’s see how this shakes out in the next few hours. Stay tuned.

UPDATE – Full instructions are here. It is finished.

via Giz (Great work, Jesus!)

Some instructions from FreeiPhoneUnlock

Make sure you are 1.02 firmware

launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/
Upload iunlock the ice file and the nor to /usr/bin
then run iunlock ICE03.14.08_G.fls nor
./iunlock ICE03.14.08_G.fls nor
if it doesnt work make sure you chmod 555 iunlock
Load up minicom (in ssh yet again type minicom)
Type these commands exactly
AT S7=45 S0=0 L1 V1 X4 &c1 E1 Q0

( if you cant write in the minicom, start Commcenter again and stop it again)


launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/

Not as easy as I had hoped, but a GUI will appear soon enough. This isn’t rocket science. It is telecomm science, though.

This is how you get the NOR.
This is how you get the fls file.