Listphile: Lists On Speed

listphile.jpgLos Angeles based startup Listphile is aiming to bring list making into the Wiki and Mahalo space.

Listphile is a free collaborative list building tool that offers the openness of a wiki with the structure of a database. The company aims to create a vast and easy to use online platform that people will utilize for learning, working together, and socializing.

Lists can include Google Map Mashups, video and images, and users are able to create database pages for specific topics as well.

listphilepic.jpgExamples include the The Open Surf Atlas: an open atlas of surf spots on the planet, with video, images, maps and data specific to each spot, Earth Friendly Tips for the Home, Yoda Quotes (with video) and Oyster Varieties – a list of oyster types commonly eaten and cultivated, with photos.

To be honest, when I first saw the word “lists” I was initially skeptical as to what ListPhile might offer, but having spent some time on the site I was pleasantly surprised. It looks and feels like a Maholo style consumer play; the information available isn’t as thorough as Wikipedia but it’s feels more friendly. I’d think it would be an appealing offering to the non-geek set, although having said there is nothing stopping the site from appealing to everyone.

ListPhile has some experienced people behind it; Caterina Fake (Flickr) is on the advisory board and founder Steve de Brun has worked with a variety of startups and also worked with News Corp. A startup to watch.