And Sony Said, Let There Be PSP Firmware 3.70

Image via Akihabara News

Personally, I stopped upgrading my PSP‘s firmware when Dark Alex left the scene a few months ago. Firmware 3.41 or thereabouts. The little guy does all I need it to do. Sony today, however, dropped version 3.70. The upgrade adds only a few new features (if you can call them features), including

• Custom themes (You could do this with hacked firmware for a while now)

• Sequential playback of movies

By far, the biggest addition is…

• The ability to play music and view photos at the same time. That it took until version 3.70 to be able to do such a processor intensive task is amazing. Like, I’m sitting here stunned. And on a crazy coffee buzz, but stunned nonetheless.

You know where to find the update, I trust.

PSP System Update [Sony via Kotaku]