Polk's I-sonic 2 iPod Dock Does HD, Reminds You To Purchase Crappy Songs


Yay, another iPod dock. Will it ever end? No. I’m happy to report, though, that the Polk I-Sonic Entertainment System 2 does a bit more than just play tunes off your iPod. The I-SES2 has a built-in HD radio and the ability to tag songs you hear on the radio to purchase at a later time on iTunes. The iTunes Tagging system is fairly simple to use, you simply hit the Tag button on the dock and a file is stored to its memory, which is then transferred to your iPod when it’s docked. Once you plug into your PC/Mac, iTunes picks up that file and reminds you of what you wanted to purchase. Being a Polk audio product, I’m sure it sounds great. The I-Sonic 2 will be available in Apple stores and directly from Polk next month for $499.

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