OQO Updates model 02 Lineup

Everyone’s favorite UMPC is getting a makeover. OQO announced this morning that it will be updating the model 02 lineup completely. Lots of new options will be available, including a 120GB hard drive if storage is truly a concern. The standard 30GB drive is up to 40GB now, while models using the 60GB drive get jacked up to a whopping 80GB, along with a 32GB SSD HD for additional storage. Have an EV-DO account with Verizon or Sprint? You’ll be happy to know that it’s built-in to the model 02 and for $249 more, you can bump that up to a Rev. A modem.

Looking for a speed boost? You’ll find a 1.6GHz processor inside the new model 02s, plenty of juice for a mobile device. As great as all these upgrades are, the best is the price. You’ll be able to scoop up an OQO for only $1299 per base model, making it much more affordable than other UMPCs on the market.

OQO updates entire model lineup [BGR]