AOL, Yahoo To Launch New Products At TechCrunch40

Just one week to go until TechCrunch40 conference. Forty new products will launch over two days, with a $50,000 cash prize going to the “best-in-show” product as selected by the panel of experts.

But the entrepreneurial spirit isn’t just alive and kicking in the startups. The big guys have some stuff to show, too. Yahoo and AOL will both launch new products next week at TechCrunch40. And it’s likely we’ll add one more “BigCo” product to the mix as well later this week. The Yahoo and AOL products are being launched outside of the core 40 new launches, and will not be eligible for the $50,000 prize. But they will launch it in front of the main crowd, and audience comments and questions will be part of the show.

More announcements coming this week. The conference is now virtually sold out – there are a handful of tickets remaining. Register here.