BidSL: eBay Style Auctions In A Virtual World

picture-5.pngOhio based BidSL launched Friday with a product that offers eBay style auctions in Second Life

BidSL allows any Second Life resident to put an item up for auction by renting an available auction device. The user can choose the number of days that the auction will run, and set a minimum bid as well. Items offered can be both virtual items (Second Life goods) or real world items.

The cost of running an auction is charged at a set rate usually around L$1-5, and sellers do not pay a percentage of the sale.

To place a bid on the item, a bidder right-clicks and pays the auction device the amount they wish to bid. If the person is outbid, the amount paid for the earlier bid is instantly refunded.

BidSL also offers a franchise program that offers the franchisee the “full use of the BidSL resources, benefit of our advertising/marketing campaigns, and complete technical assistance and advice.” The franchisee is given a capable auction unit, logo and advertising materials, and even a copy of the BidSL building if they desire. BidSL in return asks for 5% (or a minimum of L$1) of the rent received from the auction units.

I wasn’t online for their official launch at Metaversed’s First Friday, but I did get a chance to tour the facility. It’s new, so there isn’t much to look at, unless you’re in the market for a cross bred unicorn. See the video below. I can’t see millions flocking to use the service, but in a long tail economy it will likely find fans.