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Well, we’re cranking up the blogging engine here again. My name is Mike Butcher and some readers may know me from a while back when I helped launch this site for the first time late last year. I’m delighted to say that – following a hiatus – TechCrunch has decided to show its firm commitment to this market by re-launching here and, for my part, it’s great to be editing the site.

I won’t start off with any grandiose statements of intent. Merely to say that this site will do its utmost, without fear or favour, to cover the new wave of Internet and mobile technology companies currently bubbling through on this side of the planet.

Right now this site carries both a UK and Irish flag. With many friends, colleagues and contacts in Ireland I am embarrassed that, for the moment, we have no dedicated Irish site. But I hope that at some point, with the proper editorial resources, this can be remedied at some point.

For now I hope to bring you the kind of coverage that will help unite rather than the divide the Internet scene this side of the Atlantic. We begin in earnest on Monday, but for now check out the coverage of Seedcamp.

To contact me:

Email: mike [at] mbites dot com
Mobile: +44 77 2029 1095
Skype: mikegbutcher
More info:

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  • monkeyleader

    Excellent – so good to see TCUK back running again – you guys have been missed *rushes over to add TCUK to google reader*

    Good job !


  • Jason Vu

    Congrats, keep good posting.

  • Dennis Howlett

    Congratulations Mike – the right move I’m sure.

  • David Cruickshank

    Many congratulations Mike and best of luck. I thought last night’s event was a great success.

  • Vero Pepperrell

    Great news, pleased to have TechCrunch UK back. Good luck and congrats on taking up the challenge, Mike!

  • Imran Ali

    So when do I get my TCUK profile page back? ;)

  • Damien Mulley

    Congrats Mike, we kinda met at Nokia Go Play via Ewan Spence. Best of luck with the new/old job with TechCrunch UK. Look forward to new stuff on Ireland too!

  • Kris Hoet

    Congrats Mike! Good to see you back on TCUK!

  • Stuart Day

    Its Back! Congrats Mike, looking forward to all the new reviews.

  • Mike Butcher

    Thanks people :-)

  • Max Jennings

    Congrats, great to have you back. Best of luck.

  • Ian Green

    Welcome back Mike – are you planning any events up North?

  • Nicole Simon

    Looking forward to more reports from that little island over there. ;)

  • Mark Beveridge

    Good to have you back, finally!

  • Rob Mason

    Good work Mike. Welcome back.

  • Alex Barnett

    nice one!

  • Tom

    doea this mean “Bites Media” is dead? Would be a shame as had potential.

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  • Mike Butcher

    In case you forgot the rest of us haven’t. Or will you delete this comment?

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  • James Cherkoff

    Well done sir, MA is lucky to have you….

  • Jof Arnold

    Great to have finally met you (at Imperial) after what seems like a million Open Coffees where I never quite got over to that side of the room ;)

  • Me

    Hello Mike,

    I’m glad to see you and MA came to an arrangement.
    Everybody makes mistakes
    I hope you will keep with your remarkable deontology
    You surely did see that LLM had moved away from France. Maybe immanent justice somewhere ?

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