Thank You For Coming To Our London Party

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The party is over, and TechCrunch UK & Ireland has officially relaunched with Mike Butcher as our editor-in-chief. Thank you to everyone who attended, the sponsors, and Robert Loch, who donated his penthouse flat for the event.

Now, let’s get on with some tech and startup news, shall we?

  • Jay Adair

    Mmmm, good evening Michael, thank-you. The cocktails and Burritos were very nice. I’m glad the upper terrace didn’t collapse under all the weight of those ideas and people. Look forward to seeing TCUK develop, and from both of us who met you last night, thanks again and best of luck Mike…

  • Robin Blandford

    Hey Jay, I was thinking your bikes were pretty quick to get you home by 12:01….!!! then I saw the pm bit.

    Good to meet you last night.


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