PlayStation 3 Backwards Compatibility Web Page


Admittedly, I’m a Wii man. I’m in my late twenties so I no longer have the dexterity required to operate a controller with dozens of buttons like you whippersnappers do. The few times I’ve seen the PS3 in action, though, I’ve been prone to experiencing a little drool buildup in the area of the bottom of my mouth between where my tongue ends and my teeth begin. It looks good to my eyes, is what I’m saying.

Anyway on a somewhat unrelated note, the 60GB and 80GB versions of the PS3 are built differently enough that they each have separate issues with backwards compatibility (80GB version doesn’t have the Emotion Engine). To address this, Sony has put a page up on its web site that allows you to enter a PS1 or PS2 game to see if it’ll be compatible. Should be handy for those of you looking to make sure that any inexpensive games from years past will work before you buy them, or whatever it is you kids are into these days. 

PLAYSTATION®3 Backward Compatibility Status via [Ars Technica]