Newly Found Mineral In Russia Absorbs Radiation Like I Absorb Old 'The King Of Queens' Episodes (Really Well)


Is this a gadget? No. Will people who like gadgets find it interesting? I hope so. I did.

Scientists in Middle-of-Nyet, Russia have discovered a mineral that’s capable of absorbing radioactivity present in liquid nuclear waste.

It’s called 27-4 for lack of an official name.

According to RussiaToday…

“After coming into contact with the mineral, radioactive water becomes completely safe. Had this mineral been available to physicists after the Chernobyl or Three Mile Island disasters, the consequences might have been very different, as both accidents resulted in contamination from radioactive water.

However, it is not as simple as it sounds. Scientists say they need tonnes of it and so far they have only discovered a few grammes. But they are confident that they can chemically reproduce it on a much larger scale.”

Very cool. Apparently a third of all new minerals are discovered in the same region in Russia where 27-4 was found.

Russian scientists discover radiation- absorbing mineral [RussiaToday] via Slashdot