Bang & Olufsen Beo5 Remote Control: Far More Than Volume, Channel +-


Bang & Olufsen, one of the more oddly named CE companies out there, has a pretty nifty looking remote control ready for you to think about buying. It’s called the Beo5 and it ships from the factory with no features. Yup, it’s a blank slate. It’s up to you, consumer, to decide what features you want in the remote. In practice I have no idea what that means. I do, however, know that the fully programmable remote has touch-sensitive LCD where you’ll input most of your commands.


It’s a remote all right. A fancy one, sure, but a remote nonetheless. I imagine you’ll have to be one of those guys who shops for expensive, all-encompassing remotes to fully appreciate its impact. For the rest of us, at least it looks neat. It sorta reminds me of those small robots from Turtles in Time.

Product Info [Bang & Olufsen via]