• The Beat Goes On Keynote Now Available

    Many of you obviously stopped in to the Gear yesterday to check out what was happening at the Apple event and for good reason. The elusive widescreen touch iPod was finally released, the Fat Nano, as predicted, waddled in and the price drop on the iPhone that probably caused many of you to break something. While our coverage was top notch some of you may want to watch the keynote for… Read More

  • Toshiba Announces Two Hard Drives

    Today Toshiba announced it’s releasing two new 1.8-inch hard drives that are designed with portable media players in mind. There’s a 160GB flavor and an 80GB flavor. Normally, not exciting stuff. The 160GB uses CE-ATA and the 80GB uses PATA and they spin at 3600RPM. Whatevs. Oh wait…didn’t Apple just give the iPod Classic a brand spankin’ new 80GB and 160GB… Read More

  • Oh Noes! No More iPod Hi-Fi!

    I mean, yeah, you, I and half the world was expecting it to be gone soon, but still. The $349 niche sound system (which did sound good to Apple’s credit) is no longer available on Apple’s online store. Though not the most popular iPod-related product, it still was a bold move for Apple to release its own audio docking system. I’m sure if you scour your local Apple store, you… Read More

  • Samsung Sentry Robot: Come and Get Me, Bastards!

    Hit X to Hack The time is nigh, people. When the shiznit hits the fazan, these robots will be your only solace and protection. As hordes of ravenous, mutated Moray eels begin roaring out of your plumbing, the Samsung sentry bot, patented but not yet available at Best Buy, will hold them off long enough for you to slit your own throat with a broken bottle and listen as they slither and… Read More

  • Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Review

    When an iPod speaker costs $600, it had better be taken very seriously by its designers. Luckily, the new Zeppelin has high-end British speaker manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) as its loving parent. It looks like it flew right off the cover of Led Zep I, except that it’s not in flames. This 2.1-channel iPod speaker/dock sings with all the power of an opera diva — and… Read More

  • Colorful Blackberry Pearls For T-Mobile Revealed

    Mother of Pearl! Look what showed up on T-Mobile’s website last night. Seems the Blackberry Pearl’s new coloring is going to be quite the hit with the ‘Mo. You can now get the Pearl in black, white, red, gold, and blue. I just hope they don’t drag this phase out too long. Remember how long they milked the Sidekick II for?? T-Mobile’s “String of… Read More

  • Crunch Network

    The Futurist: Analyzing Apple's Announcements

    Another day, another Apple announcement. Fortunately, this was no “Lets take another look at Leopard” letdown. As far as product unveilings go, this one was absolutely a doozy. We saw them (almost) completely revamp the entire iPod line, add a new (but still familiar) face to the mix, and bring frowns to the faces of Sony and HP, who had the misfortune of announcing products on… Read More

  • iPod Touch May Have Bluetooth

    Guess where I was this morning at 6am? It wasn’t the Apple Store on 5th Avenue, I can tell you that much. I was on a subway, looking at my 5G 30GB iPod and thinking about how great it was. “I don’t need no stinkin’ Touch!” I though to myself. I came home, got on the internets, and started browsing around. I was really, really trying to avoid Apple news. But then… Read More

  • Google Books: Embed Book Clips Into Websites

    Google Books released a useful new tool this morning – the ability to embed parts of public domain books directly into other websites and/or Google Notebook. The clip from the image above is embedded below. You can choose an image or text embed (both are below). It’s useful for bloggers who want to discuss a certain passage of a book, although taking a screen shot and uploading it… Read More

  • Zoho's Business Suite Taking on Google Apps

    Zoho has been a busy company. Over the past two years they’ve launched 12 applications along with 4 utilities, nearly all with APIs. Last October Zoho tied these programs together for individuals with a single sign-on feature. Today they’re releasing a similar bundling for businesses that takes on Google’s own business productivity suite. The new release is called Zoho… Read More

  • Mobile Game News: EA Mobile SCRABBLE F-U-N; Konami Receives Excellence Awards; Hudson Takes the Field; CelluFun Back in the Casino

    This week’s mobile gaming news has E-A M-O-B-I-L-E making a big score with SCRABBLE, which is now available for download in North America and Europe. The EA Mobile version is officially licensed from Hasbro, Inc., and brings the classic board game of wordplay to the mobile phone with simple controls and challenges for all skill levels. “”SCRABBLE is one of the world’s… Read More

  • Amazon & Google To Enter eBook Business

    The New York Times is reporting that both Amazon and Google are entering the eBook business this year, joining Sony and others who already have products (the image to the right is Sony’s Reader). The new Amazon product and service will be called The Kindle and will compete directly with Sony. Google will begin charging users to read the full text of some of the books they have… Read More

  • Something Going On At Twitter?

    At first I thought it was just another Twitter outage, and then (after a couple of hours of Twitterrific not working) I tried connecting to Twitter directly: There isn’t a page on Twitter (including their blog) that can be accessed as I write this (3:30am PST Thursday). It may just be sugar coating on yet another period of downtime; an alternative to the Twitter downtime bird that… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Desert Vision Edition

    World’s First Spaceport In The Works
    The Junior Gym
    Terminator 2 Goggles From Russian Artists
    Hands On With The iPod Touch, Nano, Classic
    iPod Touch Is Not The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread Read More

  • Nokia Marketing Team Reaches Out To Angry iPhone Users

    Nokia’s marketing department did some quick thinking yesterday. They’re targeting iPhone users who are angry about the fact that they paid $200 more for their phone than they would have if they waited. They’ve taken out ads on Google that suggest users check out Nokia’s new Mosh mobile social network. The ads, which appear for searches on “iphone price… Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

      Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Read More

  • Eye Candy + Google = Groovle

    Ontario based Groovle has a such a simple business model, it’s worthy of asking “why didn’t I think of that?” Groove uses Google Custom search in conjunction with picture hosting to offer custom Google search pages. Users have two options in terms of how a Groovle page looks; they can either select from a list of preexisting pages or upload their own picture. Groovle… Read More