Disc Maker Medley: Pirating Content Made Easy

Disc Makers, the nation’s leading independent CD and DVD manufacturer, recently released the Medley. Its an all-in-one CD/DVD duplicator and printer that also comes with CD ripping software that

Justice Department Says ISPs Are Like The Post Office

The U.S. Justice Department has taken a step toward you getting more charges from your ISP. In comments to the FCC today, the Department said imposing Net neutrality regulations could “could det

Star Trek Goes HD

Trekkie fans now have a reason to switch to HD DVD. Toshiba and CBS have announced that season 1 of the original series will launch November 20. This is your chance to own the first season in HD, but

Wacom Introduces New Intuos3 Tablets

Old-skool: Wacom has yet to release images of the SE version Nothing too major here, but looks like Wacom is giving its line of Intuos tablets an update. The new Special Edition Intuos3 Tablet celebra

HP's iPAQ 610 Video: Booring Sidney, Booring

http://www.brightcove.com/playerswf HP’s Raj Bhavani shows off the iPAQ 610, which I’m posting here because I like the guys at notebooks.com and I am still stunned that HP thinks that any

Belkin Condoms For Your New iPods

Belkin, wouldn’t you know it, has announced a new line of accessories for the iPods that you may or may not have heard of. The Sport Armband Plus does some stuff so you can listen to your iPod while

Lulu Suing Hulu and We're Going Kuku!

NBC and News Corp launched Hulu a few weeks ago and they’re already getting all kinds of static. First, their name translates to “cease and desist” in Swahili and how they get a C&am

Amazon's Kindle and Google's Book Thing: More eBook Readers

Please, companies, make a good, cheap eBook reader. I really don’t mind having it by my bedside if it cost maybe $100 and books cost about $25 or so, like books cost in “paper form”

Vudu Video Serving Box Reviewed, Perhaps It Serves Up the Video?

Vudu made quite a splash a little while ago when the announced a video device that hooks straight up to your TV and lets you buy video. While this device could be called a Media Center PC, a TiVo, or

Sony's Latest Alpha DSLR Officially Unveiled

As expected Sony finally pulled the sheet back on the Alpha DSLR that’s been buzzing around the Web. The A700, after perusing the specs, doesn’t seem to be anything spectacular, but it does have a

The Beat Goes On Keynote Now Available

Many of you obviously stopped in to the Gear yesterday to check out what was happening at the Apple event and for good reason. The elusive widescreen touch iPod was finally released, the Fat Nano, as

Toshiba Announces Two Hard Drives

Today Toshiba announced it’s releasing two new 1.8-inch hard drives that are designed with portable media players in mind. There’s a 160GB flavor and an 80GB flavor. Normally, not exciting

Oh Noes! No More iPod Hi-Fi!

I mean, yeah, you, I and half the world was expecting it to be gone soon, but still. The $349 niche sound system (which did sound good to Apple’s credit) is no longer available on Apple’s

Samsung Sentry Robot: Come and Get Me, Bastards!

Hit X to Hack The time is nigh, people. When the shiznit hits the fazan, these robots will be your only solace and protection. As hordes of ravenous, mutated Moray eels begin roaring out of your plumb

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Review

When an iPod speaker costs $600, it had better be taken very seriously by its designers. Luckily, the new Zeppelin has high-end British speaker manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) as its lovin

Colorful Blackberry Pearls For T-Mobile Revealed

Mother of Pearl! Look what showed up on T-Mobile’s website last night. Seems the Blackberry Pearl’s new coloring is going to be quite the hit with the ‘Mo. You can now get the Pearl

The Futurist: Analyzing Apple's Announcements

Another day, another Apple announcement. Fortunately, this was no “Lets take another look at Leopard” letdown. As far as product unveilings go, this one was absolutely a doozy. We saw them

iPod Touch May Have Bluetooth

Guess where I was this morning at 6am? It wasn’t the Apple Store on 5th Avenue, I can tell you that much. I was on a subway, looking at my 5G 30GB iPod and thinking about how great it was. &#822

Google Books: Embed Book Clips Into Websites

Google Books released a useful new tool this morning – the ability to embed parts of public domain books directly into other websites and/or Google Notebook. The clip from the image above is emb

Zoho's Business Suite Taking on Google Apps

Zoho has been a busy company. Over the past two years they’ve launched 12 applications along with 4 utilities, nearly all with APIs. Last October Zoho tied these programs together for individual
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