Details About The iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store


The ability to download songs via iTunes directly to your iPod is something that’s long overdue. It’s also the one feature, among many, that really sets the iPod waaaaay out in front of the competition. Sure, devices like Sandisk’s Sansa Connect and the MusicGremlin have had a similar feature for some time now, but the iTunes + iPod connection will likely make previous efforts look downright clunky (or clunkier).

So the basic premise is that iTunes will be available as a piece of software running on the new internet-connected iPod touch. You’ll be able to download songs directly to the device and then sync purchased songs back to your computer the next time you connect everything together. Pricing will stay exactly the same (around a buck per song), which will hopefully knock some sense into wireless phone companies that think $2 to $3 per downloaded song is a fair price.


Speaking of wireless phones, iPhone users will now be able to select 30-second snippets of their favorite songs to use as ringtones. These are customized snippets, mind you, so you can choose which 30 seconds you want to use for your ringtone.


Version 7.4 of iTunes is available now, while the new iTunes Wi-Fi will be available later this month to coincide with the release of the iPod touch.

Apple Unveils the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store [Apple Press Release]