Das Audiophile: Burmester Classic Line CD Player 061

Burmester doesn’t come cheap. The fact that Bugatti uses Bermester sound systems in its cars should give hint that Bermester is not cheap shit. If you have assloads of money to throw around, take note of the classy-looking Classic Line CD Player 061, which features a Philips CD 2 Pro drive unit. You can upsample your CDs to 96 and 192 kHz through advanced converter technology, allowing for ultra-clear sound (providing that your speakers can pump out 192 kHz).

Such a beautiful piece of equipment. The 061 features an MMI slot, which allows for the device to be upgraded later. After a little searching, I found out this standalone CD player costs $12,000. Yeah, and it doesn’t do SACD. Lame.

Burmester Classic Line CD Player 061 [Sybarites]