CrunchGear Live: The September 5th Apple Announcement

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Is that an iPhone in your pocket or are you just happy to see me.

11:21 PDT She’s playing a second song. Steve likes it. Steve is coming back. Thank you for coming today. And we’re done.

11:19 PDT Perhaps Steve is changing costume? Next! Pirate Steve!
pretty good performance, technologically assisted though. Vince: “She uses a loop pedal.”

11:18 PDTStill playing…

11:16 PDT Playing her hit… ummm… what’s her hit?
“black horse and a cherry tree”

11:14 PDT Some musicians are here to perform for us. KT Tunstall. Steve: “shes very talented and very hot” playing now.

11:13 PDT people who worked on products standing up – lots of them – good for them!

11:08 PDT Starbucks over. Let’s recap. Shuffle, Nano, Classic, Touch… nothing about iPhone. $79 for the shuffle. $149 and $199 for nano. $249 and $399 for classic. $499 and $599 for the iPhone. $299 and $399 for Touch.
Uh oh… iphone price drop… hold on… GETTING RID OF 4GB iphone. 8GB iphone – $399. Everyone: WOW WOW AWESOME.
Big question – can you hack the $399?????

11:05 PDT 10 previous songs in starbucks can be displayed in tunes wifi music store. Exclusive starbucks deal with iTunes.
They can roll this out overnight… he’s showing a map. New York and Seattle will see it on October 2nd. 600 stores on the 2nd. Nov 7 San Fran Bay Area. Feb 08 in Los Angeles. Chicago in March. 25% of all stores by then. End of 2008 – Most metro areas covered and 2009 all the stores.
Took them years to make this deal… and apparently years to roll it out.

11:03 PDT Doug asks: “do you think you have to pay to get on Starbucks’ T-mobile hotspot thing in order to buy a song that’s playing in the store?” Nicholas sez: “I should hope not” Confirmed – it’s free. No hotspot requirements.
NOT free for general wi-fi.
No login required to buy the song they’re playing.

11:00 PDT“really excited about partnership with starbucks” welcoming Howard Schultz, founder and chairman of starbucks. he’s just talking about the company. First they were serious about coffee. Now they’re serious about music. [NEW IMAGES BELOW]
10:57 PDT Parnership with Starbucks. “in new itunes wifi store….when near starbucks with wifi, automatically you get 5th button” can pick up what song they are playing in store
It detects the song playing in starbucks and lets you buy it. Doug: “[head explodes]”

10:56 PDT Will be in iPhone later this month. One more thing – partnership with starbucks…

10:55 PDT Blake sez: “16GB laaaaaaaame” iPod done.

10:53 PDT doing search for dylan
10:52 PDT You can buy songs or full albums. Current iPod Touch apps. Cal, clock, Calculator, Contacts, Music, Movies, Photos, YouTube, Safari.

10:50 PDT New ipods available in a few weeks. Looks like they have the Leopard UI on there. Reflections on dock. Everyone is pissed about the “few week” wait. One more thing…looks like it’s iTunes WiFi Music Store. Oh snap! Free previews over WiFi. Download right to your iPod. You can sync songs you DL back to iTunes. Revolutionary stuff.

10:45 PDT Showing Facebook app on iPod Touch. Killer. John sez it’s like the Archos 605, only better.
Steve is done with WiFi and YouTube now. Worldwide product – standard connector. Nicholas live from NYU: “well if it’s worth anything, the kids in here just said ‘oh shit really’ when i said the new ipod is like an iphone without a phone” 22 hours audio playback, 5 hours video playback. 3.5 inch widescreen display. Multitouch, stunning video and photos, coverflow. All yours for….? Holy cow!!! 8GB for $299 and 16GB for $399.

10:43 PDT nicholas: “all those dopes who bought an iphone just because of the ipod part must feel dumb now” I bet! Browser is washed out on screen. Looks bad.

10:39 PDT Built-in WiFi. 802.11b/g. AW SNAP! Web browsing! Safari is included. “Apple is going to make WiFi work where others have failed.” Probably right, Stevie. Nicholas: “The iPhone without the awful phone part. Great.” Google and Yahoo! search built-in. YouTube built-in as well! “This thing is a freaking iPhone sans the phone, apparently.” NUTS!

10:37 PDT
Steve is playing a Travolta flick. Showing off photos.

10:35 PDT
Photo browsing, Coverflow obviously. Turning the iPod makes it go widescreen – just like iPhone.
Mark: Haven’t seen the back. No camera…yet.
Showing off video.

10:31 PDT iPhone Time. bringing the tech of the iphone to the iPod. iPod TOUCH! Has a
touchscreen. 8mm thin.

10:29 PDT Thicker iPod Classic with 160GB. 80GB for $249, 160GB for $360. AVAILABLE TODAY!

10:27 PDT “a little video for everyone” is the tag line

new name for reg ipod

ipod classic

black and white today – new ones: fullmetal

even thinner

mark: “nothing much here… or is there”

iPod classic is 80GB

Audio playback lasts 30 hours, video lasts 5 hours.

10:24 PDT
More Nano storage.

  • video
  • larger brighter display
  • full metal enclusre
  • 2 version of nano
  • 4 gig and 8 gig

    left factories, shipped today

    iPod Nano pus Nike+iPod: “12 million miles logged with shoes so far”

    10:21 PDT Demoing Nano still. Podcast videos. Showing off photos. “Do they look OK?”

    10:17 PDT
    320 by 240 pixels, 204 ppi – for screeen on nano enhanced uer interface with coverflow
    3 games bundled on the nano. Vortex and Sudoku. Demo for Nano – Coverflow, touchwheel present, VERY skinny.

    10:13 PDT SHUFFLE – refresh for shuffle
    new colors for the shuffle – maroon, silver, purple, teal, light green. Product (RED) Shuffle. $79 1GB Product (RED) shipping today. Time for iPod Nano. Steve: “Most popular music player ever. Now with VIDEO!thats what the customers want!

    New Nano today. Fat Nano. Product (RED) Nano.

    10:12 PDT

    New iTunes version TONIGHT. Ringtones available next week. On to iPods! ipod sales strong

    preparing for holiday season refreshing and replacing every ipod for holidays.

    10:10 PDT
    Steve dedicates ringtone of arethra to his wife. Awwww!He made a joke about NBC he uses ringtone “Give Peace a Chace” from Plastic ono band for them. big applause and laughter. he made a joke about NBC: he uses ringtone “Give Peace a Chace” from Plastic ono band for them. big applause and laughter.

    10:10 PDT mark: “he’s playing with ringtone maker a lot. having a lil trouble with it steve?”

    10:08 PDT More iTunes talk. Playing Aretha Franklin ringtone.

    10:06 PDT Steve is talking about iTunes.

  • Ringtones
  • New version available tonight
  • Custom ringtones, make your own right in iTunes
  • Make ringtones from iTMS songs
  • over 500,000 participating songs you can sync tunes to iphone
    ringtones for 99 cents, in addition to the cost of the song – unlike competitors who are over $2
    new column in itunes
    click on bell and up pops ringtone maker

    10:05 PDT “Over 125,000 podcasts have been download. In the US, of all music releases in ’06, only 32 percent were digital.

    10:03 PDT “We are the #3 music retailer in the US ahead of Amazon, Target. 95k TV shows have been sold on iTunes.”

    10:00 PDT Steve is out on stage. Jeans & Turtleneck.

    “Today we get to talk about music.” “Let’s start with iTunes. iTunes is a pretty amazing phenomenon. We have distributed over 6 million copies of iTunes, customers have bought over 3 billion songs. We’re pretty amazed at this. iTunes is the #1 music store in 22 countries. We started with just 200,000 songs and now we have over 6 million in every single store.”

    9:59 PDT Camera on a crane. Looks like they’re keeping this for posterity.
    Looks like it’s taking shots of the audience and hovering ominously.

    9:58 PDT All electronic devices off! Guy on loudspeaker asking us to turn phones off, Green Day is playing. Song is “Warning”.

    9:50 PDT We’re in! Mossberg is around, Hickey is in the 2nd row

    9:42 PDT Press waiting by iPod posters

    8:25 PDT Coverage starting now. Mark is getting into place.

    8:25 PDT The apple stores are down. Gah!

    Mark: i met mr. gadget (
    he advised me to buy a macbook

    AppleInsider sez:

    Paul McCartney, one of the founding members of The Beatles, is scheduled to to appear on BBC Radio 1 later this afternoon to make “very special announcement,” AppleInsider has learned.

    McCartney, whose appearance is likely to coincide with announcements from Apple Inc. around the same time, will join BBC Radio 1’s Edith Bowman at approximately 1:00 p.m. Eastern.